By meditating in the pyramid, we are free from all physical and mental illness. Meditation is about 3 times faster than normal. Now let us know about the Pyramid and the Pyramid Power Pyramid is the most stable structure of the planet Earth. The cosmic energy is revealed. The pyramid is formed at an angle of 1 degree: 1 minute and because of this angle, the highest cosmic energy can be formed from any object, because the cosmic energy rasa pyramid can be integrated into the entire cardinal directions, not the south. East and West Cosmic Rasa Pyramids. One-third is called the Kings Chamber. The cosmic energy is at its maximum, and it spreads.

The pyramid is determined at the top of the post pyramid and divides it into a pyramid of universal energy radius. Meditation can help cure the pyramid and enjoy all meditation if the level of thought or net 30 is reached three times faster and the focus inside the pyramid is used in high frequency communications. Meditation is the best we can start meditating at age 5. You need a body master for meditation. There is no need to seek a teacher, your breasts are within your nipple meditation for each of your gurus. Your guru is the direction of our consciousness.

To meditate on ourselves, we need to cross the body and mind as we cross the body and mind, and when we get many Mike Ross, the wardrobe we reach, now we are trying to understand that knowledge meditation takes you to the field. The experience of higher knowledge is like nothing else, but by studying more and more, we are fully engaging ourselves and gaining this higher energy potential. Greater participatory energy is achieved in every aspect that leads to higher knowledge. True knowledge has a high level of understanding with us. Get more knowledge. To understand is to understand that we are not just the body and mind. We understand that we are a miracle medium.

We understand all the situations we are in and come out with a higher understanding of all our problems. High energy energy and high knowledge. The expansion of consciousness is the aim of higher knowledge only attained by the higher senses, such as the third eye and the subtle body, to see the realization of the soul. The soul is a very powerful tool for listening and for high frequency reality. The three functions are called the third eye. More and more meditation leads to greater energy flow. Excess energy energizes the third eye. We think this is a great experience for metadata during third eye activation and forehead erosion.

We begin to see different colors around us. Insha mum feels like we are traveling with the ring songs in the dark colors of the pitch and the sounds of the walking king. We have seen many arrangements of these aircraft and other aircraft within the eye perfection, where the VC of those body classes is. There are more. Frequency reality sees things that are not within the confines of the five senses, and many things that cannot be expressed by words are not natural to the sound master of the instrument from sound or other frequencies we see in the master. We know them in physical form, and this perception changes our actions, and our understanding changes. After this third eye experience, we see a shift in our perception of this physical game. Let us know our other devices. A shelf tour to understand the reality of other frequencies of the body. There.

The astral body is another form of our consciousness, when we get enough energy in normal conditions our senses expand like our physical body and if we see other frequency realities moving into the subtle body of consciousness. Experiences sleep in the most subconscious mind, and not all trains are aware of subtle body experiences on weekends. After the subtle body, the consciousness of the subtle body, is filled with a sense of universal energy, we acquire new dimensions in consciousness, which spread everywhere. The body begins to move towards a point when consciousness moves. Our body feels like swimming. We do not feel the hands and feet. The body looks like the feather of these moments can be experienced in different ways. Body parts can sometimes be a 1 menu experience because they develop throughout the body by practicing meditation known as subtle movements.

We get more cosmic energy, and Chetan makes the call like a subtle body, which starts to move very fast, causing every move.

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